Matthew Stafford’s Wife Eviscerates NFL Referees By Posting A Private Convo Between Her And Stafford On Social Media

kelly stafford


The Lions got fucked on Monday night. All the ref had to do to rightfully deliver Detroit its first win of the season was do his job. He did not do that. And the Lions are sitting at 0-4. With one of those losses coming at the hands of the pathetic Vikings. Which should count as two losses.

With losing almost certainly comes drama. If it’s not from the players, it’s from their loved ones. And the latest example of this is Lion’s quarterback, Matthew Stafford’s wife, Kelly. Kelly posted a private conversation between her and her hubby about the “Seattle Screwjob” on Instagram, and her zinger is pretty clever.

Our friends over at Uproxx dug up a tweet Kelly Stafford shot out in December of 2013 that calls out the perceived lack of loyalty from Detroit fans. She is absolutely put to bed by a commenter with his rebuttal that had to have cut deep.

kelly stafford


YIKES. let’s hope Detroit can pick up it’s first W against a 3-1 Cardinals squad on Sunday. Probably not, though.

[h/t Uproxx]