Can Confirm, The People Love Matthew Wolff And His Unique And Powerful Swing

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Matthew Wolff swing

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Every golf fan knows who Matthew Wolff is by now. We’re certainly not the first to mention him or his unique and overpowering swing, but after following him on the back-nine during the third round of the Northern Trust Open we can confirm people can not get enough of him.

The 20-year-old has taken the Tour by storm after winning the 3M Open in July in what was just his third start as a professional. The hype was at a big-time level as soon as he left Oklahoma State early to turn professional, but after the win, things reached the next step.

Saturday was a bit of a different scene for Wolff as he started the day 10 shots off the lead well outside the striking distance of leader Dustin Johnson. That didn’t keep the fans away though.

I caught Wolff on the 11th hole with a small-ish crowd keeping up with him and playing partner Scott Brown, but by the time they made it to the 13th, which converges into a pretty popular spot of Liberty National, tons of folks started paying attention. “That’s Wolff, we’ve got to see this kid in person.”

As he made his way to the 13th tee box three kids no older than six were blown away. One kid even flat-out screamed, “dad, that’s Matthew Wolff!” and then immediately broke into an impersonation of his unique takeaway. Credit to the kid, the position up top was spot-on and he had the front-foot well off the ground just as Wolff does. The trio of kids followed him for the rest of the back-nine, not worried about Brooks Koepka playing two groups behind.

Seeing Wolff’s trigger, swing and length off the tee was pretty special, I have to admit. Everyone has seen the swing online and on TV by now, but seeing it in person still brought that ‘oh, wow’ thought to mind.

One of the eye-popping moments was seeing him out-drive Brown by 37 yards on the 15th. Sure, Wolff has averaged 297 off the tee all week while Brown has averaged just 279, but to see the length between those two drives put things into perspective.

While that was impressive, his tee shot off the 16th was even more so. The short Par 4 played just 299 yards on Saturday, but the wind was howling dead in the player’s faces and off the left towards a water hazard; not the ideal wind for Wolff who likes to work the ball left-to-right. It didn’t seem to bother him one bit as he stuck with the high-fade and ended up just 19 yards short of the green.

The audible ‘wows’ from spectators were immense as his ball flirted with the hazard yet landed softly in the fairway. He made birdie after chipping it up to just outside six feet.

Wolff was far from playing his best golf as he carded a one-over 72, but that didn’t keep people away from getting to see Wolff and his swing in action. He’s taking over in the sense that if spectators catch on that he’s two or three holes behind they stay where they are to catch him.

The primetime seat for Wolff is of course around a teebox where he can show off the power and fans were a couple of rows deep at the 15th just to get a glimpse of a player 12 shots off the lead at the time.

People always say Tour players create a different sound when they hit it, especially with the driver and that bodes true for 99 percent of the guys out there, but Wolff is certainly among the upper echelon of that group.

Some may argue the high number of fans following him were just catching him before the leaders teed off in the afternoon, but I don’t think that’s fair, not based off of what I saw. Kids and grown adults were practicing the trigger everywhere you looked. More and more people were turning around to follow him finish at the 18th after just walking down the 18th fairway searching for other groups.

Matthew Wolff and that swing are a magnet for any golf fan’s eyes and his following is only getting stronger.

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