Max Kellerman Just Insulted Former NBA Player Ryan Hollins’ Life On National Television And Somehow Avoided A Punch

First Take

Ryan Hollins was the very definition of an NBA journeyman, playing for nine teams in 10 seasons and posting career totals of 3.7 points and 2.2 rebounds per game. The mere fact that Hollins was able to carve out a spot on an NBA roster for a decade may be a more impressive achievement than Giannis winning NBA MVP after picking up a basketball only 10 years ago.

But, Hollins adamantly believed that James Harden should have won NBA MVP over Giannis, and engaged in an impassioned debate with First Take host Max Kellerman that resulted in Kellerman taking a giant dump on Hollins’ entire career.

Warning: What you are about to see is a homicide. Viewer discretion advised.

There’s always the possibility that Kellerman didn’t intend to insult Hollins’ entire body of work like that.

That possibility was squashed right when Kellerman went back for another bite of the apple.

As if Max didn’t bully Hollins enough, the internet was there to really drive the point home.

Max Kellerman with the W. Proof that even a broke clock is right twice a day.


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