Max Unveils Live Sports Details And Pricing As It Gears Up To Bring Games To The Platfrom

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The streaming platform formerly known as “HBO Max” has undergone some pretty notable changes over the past couple of years, as the company behind it has made some interesting decisions and teased some controversial tweaks in pursuit of a profit. Now, it looks like it’s hoping live sports will help it gain an edge over the competition.

One of the most notable updates was the decision to rebrand the platform as “Max” earlier this year in order to give a bigger platform to the content that became available in the wake of the merger that united Warner Bros. and Discovery in 2022.

Over the summer, we learned Max was gearing up to add some live offerings to its lineup by giving subscribers access to a real-time feed of CNN, but that’s apparently just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to its ongoing exercise in Corporate Synergy.

On Tuesday, Max confirmed rumors that have been swirling for a few weeks when it announced the impending addition of live sports in conjunction with Bleacher Report (which the parent company acquired when it purchased Turner in 2022) while offering some insight into the games it will be broadcasting and how much you’ll have to pay

According to its website, current Max subscribers will get a free taste of what’s in store when live sports officially make their debut on the platform on October 5th, but they’ll need to pay $9.99 per month to continue to access those options once the promotional period ends on February 29th.

As for the lineup, Max says you’ll be able to access “over 300 live games and matches each year,” which currently includes select NBA, NHL, and MLB broadcasts as well as March Madness and games featuring the United States national soccer team.

While you probably already have those bases covered if you have a cable subscription, it’ll be interesting to see if the somewhat limited lineup is enough to get cord-cutters to drop $10 a month.

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