TV Fans Are Completely Bewildered By Warner Bros’ Decision To Delete ‘Westworld’ From HBO Max And Therefore Existence

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I’ve recently been thinking about investing in physical media. I was doing some Christmas shopping in my neighborhood and I walked by my local record store, where I noticed a box of DVDs on sale.

And there were some bangers in there. A couple Lord of the Rings movies, some Bond movies. The Magnificent Seven and the Ocean’s trilogy. Plus, 10 for $5! So, needless to say, I now have 20 more DVDs in my collection.

The reason that physical media is making a comeback recently — at least in movie nerd circles — is that the age of streaming as introduced an entirely new variable into the equation, and that’s a media company’s ability to delete something off of their streaming service, and therefore, existence. Case and point: reports that Warner Bros. Discovery is removing Westworld (yes, WESTWORLD!) from HBO Max.

Now, while Westworld was canceled at HBO just a few weeks ago and is far from the show it was at its peak, the fact remains that it was, somewhat recently, HBO’s *biggest* show. And now it’s just… gone?

Needless to say, whether you kept up with Westworld through all four of its seasons or tuned out after the first, TV fans were left bewildered by the reports that the series is set to be stricken from the proverbial streaming record.

While the show was far from perfect in its entirety, the first season of Westworld remains excellent and makes the series worth keeping around in and of itself. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that the season one finale of Westworld featured one of my favorite TV moments of all time, and that’s the climactic conversation between Anthony Hopkins’ Ford and Jeffrey Wright’s Bernard.

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