These Guys Pay A Ton Of Money To Wrestle, And Get Beaten Up By, Women

Every man has his fetish and every woman has her price. Meet the guys who love wrestling women and the females who’ll gladly kick the crap out of them for money.

Models Wrestling Management (MWM) was started four years ago by Cam, a 31 year old ex model, dancer and boxer.

‘I looked into females fighting and stumbled across session wrestling,’ she says.

‘There was a massive gap in the market in the UK so I decided to run with the idea, but make it 100 times more glamorous than it was at the time.

‘The idea of real life models being able to fight and genuinely overpower a grown man is what is extremely appealing to the men.

The men who frequently pay for these services aren’t some nerdy wrestling marks or guys who wouldn’t be able to touch a woman otherwise. Many of MWM’s clients are men in positions of power.

“The majority of my customers are successful entrepreneurs and come from extremely high powered positions. They can leave all their responsibilities behind for that one hour and forget about all their stresses.”

One repeat client goes by the name Spidermouth and usually faces off against his female foes in a Spider-Man costume. Spidey explains exactly why this service is so appealing.

Spidermouth is not a newcomer to the activity. His first match was in 2005.

‘I would have started earlier but it was really the internet that made finding session wrestling businesses much more possible,’ he says.

‘I had fantasised about wrestling women for decades, the idea of doing all I could to avoid losing but just not quite being able to prevent my female opponent from winning.

The typical match runs about $200 and MWM also offers video recording and custom photo sets ranging from $30-$400.

[via With Spandex]