Mets’ Jason Vargas Threatens To Knock ‘The F***’ Out Of Reporter In Clubhouse After Loss To Cubs

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New York Mets manager cursed out a Newsday reporter following Sunday’s 5-3 loss to the Chicago Cubs, and pitcher Jason Vargas later threatened to knock out the reporter.

The incident went down after a brutal Mets loss to the Cubs that featured a questionable decision by Callaway in not using closer Edwin Diaz in the eighth inning which led to Seth Lugo giving up a go-ahead three-run homer to Javier Báez.

After the game, Callaway was repeatedly asked about the decision to not use Diaz in the Eighth which seemed to annoy him.

Callaway then reportedly went off on a tirade after he walked past Newsday’s Tim Healey who told him something that he didn’t like.

That’s when Jason Vargas stepped in and threatened to knock the reporter the fuck out.

The Mets are such a shitshow, it’s amazing.