Mets New Pitcher Kodai Senga Might Have An Un-Hittable ‘Ghost Ball’

Mets new pitcher Kodai Senga

Getty Image / Matt Roberts

The New York Mets have had quite a busy offseason as the franchise hopes to finally get over the hump and make a run for the World Series.

One acquisition this year was Japanese pitcher Kodai Senga who has already made a gleaming impression on his teammates and the media.

It sounds like the Mets might have a not-so-secret weapon on their hands after Pete Alonso took some practice swings with Senga on the mound.

After practice, Alonso claims that Kodai Senga has an un-hittable “ghost ball.”

However, the Mets’ new pitcher takes the time to explain his pitch. He claims he’s throwing a forkball, however, the mechanics are similar to a splitter. Even so, definitely prefer “ghost ball.”

At the end of the day we’re just excited to see Senga on the mound. He’s one of the big acquisitions the Mets made this offseason and his “ghost ball” could be a difference-maker.

At least that’s what Pete Alonso thinks, as he’s clearly very happy he doesn’t have to face Kodai Senga in games.

Look for the hype to continue building around Senga as the 2023 season approaches. If his “ghost ball” is truly un-hittable, then he’ll become a fan favorite in New York quickly.