Miami And FSU Players Get Heated And Nearly Brawl Before Game

University of Miami head coach Mark Richt knows the historical significance of today’s heated rivary game between Miami-FSU game and how important it is for his players to win today.

Via Sun-Sentinel

“I think both programs do push each other, for sure. The competition does that in football by position, but it also does that by teams. I think one thing that sticks out to me in this rivalry, especially in the beginning when both teams started to become great, it was Coach Schnellenberger and Coach Bowden both, how they kind of understood that you almost had to market each other a little bit. Even when they went head-to-head, they did a few things. They put the boxing gloves on, and just, they kind of got it. They both got it. In order for us to be great, both teams to be great, we’ve got to create this adversity or create this competition and this rivalry. I think a big part of the reason why the series got where it got was because of those two men.”

it’s been ‘04 since Miami won at home in this series. That’s not very good. It’s about as bad as the seven losses in a row we were dealing with going into last year’s game. It’s a meaningful bit of history that we need to change the course of.”

It wouldn’t be Miami-FSU if there wasn’t some sort of pre-game scuffle on the field. Before today’s game, Miami and FSU players nearly went at it about an hour before the game.

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