College Football Fans React To Miami’s Decision To Retire The Turnover Chain

Fans React To Miami's Decision To Retire The Turnover Chain

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  • It sounds like the Turnover Chain has made its final appearance on the Miami Hurricanes sideline
  • The team’s offensive lineman coach reportedly told prospects the program has decided to retire the fairly short-lived tradition
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It appeared Miami’s football program was on the verge of Officially Being Back after Mark Richt was tapped to help reverse the Hurricanes’ fortunes in 2016, and it was hard to argue The U didn’t have its swagger back after the team introduced a new incentive during his second season as head coach in the form of the Turnover Chain.

As you can probably surmise from the name, the Turnover Chain was a massive piece of bling that was awarded to defensive players who were able to recover a fumble or snag an interception; doing so earned them the right to rock the necklace on the sideline until they headed back to the field for the next possession.

The gimmick was an instant hit that spawned plenty of inferior imitators, but it gradually began to lose its luster after it became pretty evident Miami was Not Back. Richt decided to retire after the team finished with a 7-6 record in his third and final season with the Hurricanes, and while Manny Diaz (who was largely responsible for its creation) kept the Turnover Chain around during his tenure, it appears we’ve reached the end of an era now that he and the school have parted ways.

On Monday, the world learned that Miami offensive line coach Alex Mirabel informed recruits who attended a prospect gathering over the weekend that the Hurricanes have decided to retire the Turnover Chain.

The news drew mixed reactions from fans, with some grieving the development and others celebrating its demise.

Remember: don’t cry because it’s over—smile because it happened.