The Miami Heat Debuted Gorgeous New 80’s Style ‘Vice Nights’ Uniforms And Apparel For Fans

South Beach Miami

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When Dwayne Wade announced 9 months ago that he was returning to the Miami Heat from the Cleveland Cavaliers the Heat was quick to debut a ‘Vice’ uniform that the team would supposedly wear on select nights throughout the season. That Vice Uniform was straight up SICK in white. The team wore those last season and the fans LOVED them, so this year they had to go above and beyond.

Flash forward to today and the Miami Heat have debuted their 2018-2019 ‘Vice Nights’ uniform and it’s actually a black version of the previous design but it’s 100% just as sexy. With the 80s Miami Vice style ever present in the city of Miami it’s a wonder that they don’t wear these every single night.

The Vice Nights Collection is more than just uniforms for the players, the Miami Heat are actually rolling out an entire line of limited-edition apparel for fans and they’ve set up a landing page with a countdown clock to when fans will be able to purchase these. Right now, the clock is showing just over 3 days until they go on sale.

These are the nights the Miami Heat will wear them on.

Fans will receive free Vice Nights gifts with the purchase of any Vice Nights Jersey, and they’ll be offered free shipping on orders over $100. They’ve got windbreakers, sweat suits, t-shirts in multiple styles, and of course, the jerseys and basketball shorts will also be available for purchase. I’m not even a Miami Heat fan but I’m considering making a purchase when these go on sale because they’re THAT sick.

Sign me up immediately.

I’m not usually the type of person who goes nuts for nostalgic styles but I am Floridian and love the 80s Miami style. These PERFECTLY capture that era.

I definitely dig these more in Black than I did the ones in White from 9 months ago, the ones they wore last season.

You can check out the full collection on the NBA’s website where they’ve got the countdown clock to when you’ll be able to purchase the jerseys, windbreakers, and such.

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