Miami Sports Fan Shows Off Her Tremendously Awful Tramp Stamp Tattoo

This Miami Hurricanes fan was at Independence Stadium in Shreveport, Louisiana rooting on her favorite college football team. Even though the U couldn’t complete the late game comeback against South Carolina and lost 24-21, it didn’t prevent her from showing her love for the Hurricanes and other Miami sports teams with this amazingly atrocious tramp stamp.

This delusional woman actually calls it a “Champ Stamp.”

That Heat tattoo could be justified for going to the NBA Finals five times in the last nine years and winning three championships in the period. However the Hurricanes haven’t won a National Title since 2001 and that’s a heck of a lot of a love and ink for a Dolphins franchise that hasn’t won a Super Bowl in over 20 years.

All that losing is sure to soften any man’s dick during doggy-style sex.