Seahawks Defender Michael Bennett Trashes QB’s During Incredible Radio Rant

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As someone who lives up in Seattle, I know firsthand that Seahawks defender Michael Bennett has a lot of pent up frustration.

Sure, he’s allowed to put that on display while on the football field, but, every once in awhile, he allows his mouth to voice his displeasures at the wrong time—and today was one of those times.

Not shy about his griping for a new contract over the past couple of month, Bennett appeared on the ESPN Seattle’s “Brock and Salk” show, going on a hilarious rant about how quarterbacks in the NFL are overpaid little bitches—or something like that.

Transcribing parts of the interview—which can be heard here—Bennett went on to say:

“All I’m saying is there’s some mediocre quarterbacks in the NFL that make a lot of money. I mean, you take a guy like Sam Bradford. He’s never played, really, in the last three years, but he’s made more money than most guys in the NFL!”

The defender even tossed reigning NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers under the bus, talking about how he dislikes playing against the Green Bay Packers signal-caller because he talks a lot of trash. When asked if he disliked Rodgers as a person, the defender replied, “I don’t [dis]like him, I just dislike his position.”

Bennett didn’t bite his tongue there, though, as he continued to single out any QB that popped into his mind, from the Miami Dolphins’ Ryan Tannehill, to the Philadelphia Eagles’ Sam Bradford, to Robert Griffin III.

“RGIII is running around, and he gets hit and he’s like — I’m like, ‘Stop running the ball if you don’t wanna get hit!’ Throw the ball! The best way not to get hit is to complete a pass,” Bennett concluded.”

Hell, dude even attacked the great Peyton Manning—who has been playing with zero feeling in his fingertips the past four years—saying:

“JPP [Jason Pierre-Paul] just cut his off!”

Oh, and if you think Bennett gives two shits about the recent news of Brian Hoyer being named the starter for the Houston Texans, he doesn’t, adding:

“You’re sitting at home and there’s breaking news, and it says that Brian Hoyer is the quarterback of the Houston Texans, I’m like, who cares? It’s not breaking news. It’s really not breaking news.”

Looks like Bennett has an added incentive to get to every quarterback he sees this season—because he thinks they’re all overpaid, overvalued and mediocre.

Based of the shit he said today, it’s no wonder Bennett thinks the middle men have been priced out of the NFL.

[H/T Business Insider]

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