Michael Chandler Has Grand Plans For Future With Conor McGregor

Michael Chandler

Getty Image / Chris Unger

Conor McGregor was recently named as one of the coaches for the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter speculation is growing about who the next coach will be.

There are rumors it will be Tony Ferguson, as he mentioned in a tweet that the UFC asked him to coach. However, a new fighter has put his name in the hat.

According to MMA Junkie, Michael Chandler wants to be the opposing coach in the 31st season of The Ultimate Fighter. Typically, the coaches duke it out in the cage after the season finale. Considering Chandler has been calling out McGregor for a while, it makes sense why he wants to coach.

Michael Chandler is all for fighting Conor McGregor. He even claims he’s willing to fight at welterweight to accommodate McGregor’s noticeable weight change, per MMA Junkie. “I’m not getting fluffy or fat, and I’m always around that 185-190 clip. So 170, for me, would be a dream come true. I don’t like making 155. The only reason I can make 155 is just good, old-fashioned 12 weeks of diet, exercise, discipline, and a little bit of dehydration at the end, so why not do 170? I still think I’m bigger than Conor at this point, even with his regimen that he’s been on.”

Could you imagine an entire season of The Ultimate Fighter with Michael Chandler and Conor McGregor jawing back and forth? Both fighters are electric in their own right. But you have to think the eventual fight would bring in a bigger crowd than usual. Especially considering they’d have a whole show talking trash while coaching the UFC’s next potential prospects.

Chandler gets excited just thinking about it during his appearance on the Beileve You Me podcast with Michael Bisping. “The tension, the rivalry, the competition, the trash talk. Just the animosity that would be built up and then going into a training camp and then fight later on after the show. I want the fight. Everyone knows that. The fans want the fight, Dana has gone public saying he wants that fight, so the UFC wants the fight. Man, huge fight. Can you imagine the first round?”

The UFC has yet to make an announcement of who the opposing coach will be. Even so, Michael Chandler makes a strong case.