Michael Irvin Is Suing Woman For $100 Million, Claims She Falsely Accused Him Of Misconduct During Super Bowl Week

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Michael Irvin is going on the offensive after a woman made serious accusations against him.

Earlier this week, Irvin was pulled by ESPN and the NFL Network during the Super Bowl after a woman accused him of misconduct.

Irvin immediately denied any wrongdoing.

”Honestly, I’m a bit baffled with it all,” Irvin told the Dallas Morning News. “This all happened in a 45-second conversation in the lobby. When I got back after going out … I came into the lobby, and I talked to somebody. I talked to this girl. I don’t know her, and I talked to her for about 45 seconds. We shook hands. Then, I left. … That’s all I know.

”I don’t really recall that conversation, to tell you the truth. We were out drinking,” Irvin added. “It was just a friendly conversation. ‘What’s up?’ I don’t even know. … I am totally perplexed.”

The former Cowboys wide receiver is now suing the woman and the hotel for $100 million after she claims she made false accusations and the hotel rushed to judgment.

Michael Irvin filed a scathing $100 million lawsuit against the woman who accused the NFL legend of misconduct, alleging he’s being “railroaded” with false accusations that are ruining his career.

The lawsuit, obtained by TMZ Sports, was filed Thursday afternoon … after Irvin says the hotel where he was staying concocted a plan to turn him into the next victim of “cancel culture” over something he says never happened.

“Rash and thoughtless actions can have severe consequences. Marriott [parent company of Renaissance Hotels] apparently did not appreciate these simple truths when, in a rush to judgment, its employees and management inaccurately and inflammatorily accused Mr. Irvin of misconduct to the National Football League,” the lawsuit reads.

According to Irvin, he had witnesses ready to come forward to denounce the woman’s claims, but the hotel refused to listen. The NFL Hall of Famer is also seeking damages from the hotel in question.

However, once Irvin and his team became aware of the allegations, they say they attempted to provide witness accounts to the hotel in an effort to rectify any misunderstanding, but they say the Renaissance refused to listen.

In fact, the lawsuit accuses the hotel manager of reporting the alleged incident to the NFL “with the intention of damaging that relationship and canceling [Irvin].”

Levi McCathern, Michael’s attorney, says his client’s reputation has not only been damaged, but he’s also lost out on money — canceled appearances — as a result of the false allegations.

Irvin is seeking in excess of $100,000,000.

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