Yo, Check Out This Sappy Poem That A Young Michael Jordan Wrote To A Grade School Crush



Michael Jordan, man.

Not only is MJ, arguably, the greatest NBA player ever, but, even before he was schooling cats on the hardwood, he was throwing around cutesy little letters and straight mackin’ girls as an elementary school student.

A rare piece of Jordan memorabilia is up for auction—a poem to a grade school crush—and it’s just about what you’d expect from the GOAT!

Entitled “Only You,” here’s a closer look at what MJ wrote:

“Only you can brighten my day,” Jordan wrote. “Only you can show me the way. Only you can except my love. You and the great man above. Only you can kiss my cheek. When I with you I never fear defeat. I hope you grow very, very tall. Because right now you haven’t grown at all. My face shows happiness and blue. Because I will love Only You.”

Jordan was one of the best trash talkers in sports history, too, so, even though he fucked up some words and grammar here, he still had a penchant for knowing what to say.

According to Complex, the item was once auctioned off for $1,800 in the past, so I wonder what a little piece of Jordan’s adolescent heart will go for now? You just know someone’s gonna drop top dollar for this thing.

[H/T Complex]