Michael Jordan Trash-Talking A High School-Aged O.J. Mayo To Teach Him A Lesson Is Something We Need To Revisit Today

Old video of Michael Jordan trash-talking a high school-aged O.J. Mayo at his basketball camp is legendary

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Michael Jordan is unmatched when it comes to being a trash-talker, as the guy was known to run his mouth no matter what the situation. Hell, the six-time NBA champ and proverbial GOAT is unmatched when it comes to lots of things, which is why he’s the barometer for which any basketball player is measured when it comes to measuring greatness.

While MJ has always known he’s better than everyone else, he didn’t limit his trash-talking to only NBA players or friends on the golf course — where some legendary stories have been made. That’s because, during Michael Jordan’s basketball camp years back, he wanted to make sure he educated a young O.J. Mayo about what it means to show respect to the legend that is His Airness.

Considering it was exactly 25 years ago today that Michael Jordan officially announced two words that rocked the sports world, proclaiming “I’m back” to end his short baseball stint and return to the NBA, this seemed like a good day to look back on the GOAT putting (another poor victim) in his place with his trash-talk and next level game. It’s also hilarious to see the differences in the two sides of the story, with Jordan (presumably) telling it like it is, and Mayo recounting it just a tad differently in order to save himself embarrassment. Check the film, though, because that shit isn’t lying — and that fadeaway Jordan hits is absolutely lethal.

Unfortunately for O.J. Mayo, after being one of the most highly-touted high school players in the nation in 2007 and being drafted, like Jordan, No. 3 overall in his draft class (2008), the small forward hasn’t exactly lived up to the hype of becoming a superstar. Whether it’s been experiencing injuries or being the player thrown in on trades, Mayo ran into trouble in the NBA, bounced around the league and is currently playing overseas, so his hoops career really went downhill in a hurry — which is why Michael Jordan putting him in his place as a teenager is pretty fun to look back on now, because, if you try to wrestle with the legendary (Chicago) Bull, you’re going to get the horns.

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