Michael Phelps Was In No Mood For The Local News’ Stupid Questions When He Landed Back In America

Remember that “death stare” Michael Phelps had when waiting to race his rival Chad le Clos down in Rio?

Well, a local news reporter got a tiny taste of that when he ambushed Phelps in the airport upon arriving back in the United States.

Not that I can blame Phelps. If you just spent the last say 15 to 20 years of your life training to win 28 fucking medals, 23 gold, and now you finally get to have a moment’s peace would you want some local news jabroni jamming a microphone in your face at the airport trying to go all TMZ on you?

Dude just got off, what like a 10 hour flight (I have no idea how long the flight is, but it was long), with a 3-month-old baby? That alone would have me tearing my eyes out by the time I landed so I get why Phelps was a little bit testy.

That being said, he did actually try to at least be a little bit nice even though he was obviously super annoyed.

Good job, good effort, Good Morning Arizona. Maybe next time.

Meanwhile, Katie Ledecky arrived back in the States with an 8-man security team. Seems like perhaps Phelps should have done the same.

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