The Trailer For Tom Brady And Michael Strahan’s Docuseries ‘Religion Of Sports’ Looks Unreal

Tom Brady, Michael Strahan, and Gotham Chopra (son of famed alternative medicine advocate Deepak Chopra) have co-produced a six-part documentary series that explores the tangential effects sports can have on various cultures around the world.

Religion of Sports will air on the AUDIENCE Network, which is only available to AT&T U-verse and DIRECTV subscribers, beginning Tuesday, Nov. 15.

According to Hollywood Reporter,

Each hourlong episode will examine instances where specific sports profoundly influence societies and cultures in a manner that extends beyond entertainment value. Episodes will included NASCAR events, the Calgary Stampede and the rise of UFC and MMA fighting.

Tom Brady said in a statement back in August:

“I’ll never forget watching ‘The Catch’ in Candlestick Park with my dad,” Brady said Wednesday in a statement. “I was 4 years old, in awe of it all. In a lot of ways, I’ve dedicated my life to replicating that feeling. Now, playing on the same stage as my childhood idols, I’m fortunate to have a pretty unique perspective on football and the sports world. I can think of no better vehicle than Religion of Sports to share some of what I’ve learned and dig a little deeper into that feeling, the sort of spiritual experience that sports creates for players and fans alike.”

Added Strahan

 “Growing up in Germany, I never imagined myself to be a professional athlete. At that point, I was a professional fan. Watching the reaction of the country when Germany won the World Cup back in 1990 showed another level of fandom that I had never seen. Sports can be that void that brings everyone together regardless of any barriers socio-economic standing, race and religion. To be a part of this project, Religion of Sports, brings full circle the things that I have learned as a child without even knowing that in some ways, I was having a religious experience. Religion of Sports will be the bridge that connects the passion of religion with the passion of sports.”

Anyone got DIRECTV? I’ll bring over chips and dip.

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