Michael Vick Doesn’t Think The Bears Should Bench Mitch Trubisky, Says It Would Be The Worst Thing For Him

michael vick mitch trubisky bench

Getty Image / Mitchell Leff

Things are not going well in Chicago Bears land at the moment. Matt Nagy’s offense is flat-out bad, the team has lost three straight and Mitch Trubisky has taken a giant step in the wrong direction in his third season.

After his Pro Bowl season a year ago, Trubisky hasn’t found anything close to a rhythm this season. He’s completing 63% of his passes but has thrown for just five touchdowns and three picks in seven games.

Trubisky is also coming off of his worst performance of the year this past weekend in a loss to the Eagles. He went just 10-for-21 through the air and wasn’t able to score in the Bears’ 22-14 loss. He’s also had a 2-for-3 game this year and has been held off the scoreboard in five of the seven games on the year.

With his horrid numbers and the Bears spiraling in the wrong direction, the question of whether or not Trubisky should be benched has come up.

Michael Vick joined the guys on FS1’s Speak For Yourself and offered up his opinion about Trubisky.

“I think the worst thing for Mitch right now is to be benched. He’s in his third year, and he’s an investment. For some quarterbacks it takes time. But I’ll say this, it’s Matt Nagy’s decision, and Matt Nagy is responsible for Mitch Trubisky. He’s responsible for making sure that this guy can go out and play better than what he played [vs. Eagles].”

He also offered up a take on Nagy as well.

“When you’re a talented, offensive mind you feel like you can take any guy and make him better and that just might not be the case. Keep in mind Trubisky only had one year of college experience, so he’s still growing but in the NFL you don’t have that type of time.”

The Bears are in a tough spot with Trubisky, but something is going to have to turn around quickly if this 3-5 squad expect to make the postseason.