Michele Tafoya Throws Massive Shade At Lisa Guerrero For Saying She Had A Miscarriage While Working On ‘MNF’

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In 2021, former Monday Night Football sideline reporter Lisa Guerrero revealed that things got so bad that she considered suicide after being fired.

Guerrero, a former cheerleader for the Los Angeles Rams, who worked as a sports anchor in Los Angeles and as the host of The Best Damn Sports Show Period, was hired by ABC in 2003 to be the sideline reporter for Monday Night Football.

After just one season, much to the delight of people like Keith Olbermann, she was fired.

“I was terrified,” Guerrero told The Post about her experience working on MNF. “People at home probably looked at it as, ‘She’s scared of the job. She’s intimidated by Monday Night Football.’ I wasn’t afraid of the job. I was afraid of [executive producer Fred Gaudelli]. I was afraid of him screaming at me after every game and during the game. I cried every game. It was awful.”

Fast forward a couple of years and Guerrero was back in the news with more confessions from the MNF sideline.

“People who knew what was going on with [my boss] Freddie (Gaudelli) and who read how I was being treated in the media already looked at me with such pity,” Guerrero told People, while discussing her new memoir Warrior. “I was a shell of myself. And I felt such shame and embarrassment that the last thing I was going to say is, ‘Oh, and by the way, I just had a miscarriage.’ Most of my best friends will learn about it by reading the book.”

In an excerpt from the book, Lisa Guerrero wrote, “It never occurred to me to tell anyone. It never occurred to me that maybe I should have gone to a hospital or, at the very least, sat out the rest of the game. The only thought that crossed my mind was that I could get through the rest of the game as long as I buttoned up my long winter coat. That way, no one would see the blood.”

This week, former Monday Night Football sideline reporter turned hot take conspiracy machine, Michele Tafoya, took aim at Lisa Guerrero, casting doubt on her story about having a miscarriage while on the sideline of a game.

Tafoya began by claiming that “very good sources” informed her that Lisa Guerrero was “an attention-seeking drama queen during her tenure on Monday Night Football.”

After going off about how only the tough survive or something to that effect, Tafoya laid into Guerrero’s claim that she had a miscarriage while working on MNF.

“Umm, I’ve had multiple miscarriages,” Tafoya said after reading a portion of Guerrero’s book. “I’ve talked very openly about my struggles to have a baby, about my adoption of my second child. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Losing a pregnancy between eight and 12 weeks is not uncommon. If it was such pain that she’s carried for 20 years, and her best friends still have to buy the book to learn about it? I see a disconnect there. It’s her story to tell, but having been through similar things, trust me when I tell you, my best friends knew.”

Tafoya continued, sharing a couple of stories about her miscarriages, then said, “Trust me when I tell you that all my best friends know about that,” Tafoya added. “I don’t know why you would wait to publish a book 15 years after the fact to reveal this to your best friends. And so, I have my hesitation about, was this truly a devastating miscarriage?”

After reading through and critiquing more of Guerrero’s book, Tafoya added, “I think what she’s doing is wrong and I think that her motivations are not pure. It’s a tough business and it’s what she signed up for. You either cut it or you can’t. I contend she wasn’t tough enough.”

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