Michigan ‘Fan’ Sends WR Ronnie Bell Classless Message After He Dropped Potential Game Tying Touchdown And Sobbed On The Sideline

Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Michigan wide receiver Ronnie Bell won’t soon forget the night of October 19, 2019.

On fourth-and-goal at Penn State’s three-yard line with two minutes to go in the game, the sophomore wide receiver let what would have been a game-tying touchdown pass from Shea Patterson pass slip through his fingers, extinguishing the Wolverines shot at handing Penn State its first loss of the season.

Bell, who caught four passes for 71 yards, could not contain his disappointment on the sidelines as the waning moments of the 28-21 loss passed by.

If sobbing on the sidelines on national television isn’t enough of an indicator of Bell’s emotional state, Michigan “fans” sending hate mail to Bell’s dad couldn’t have done much to lift his spirits.

Connor Grady, whose email signature claims he’s a recent graduate, allegedly wrote the following to Bell, which was then posted to Twitter by his father, Aaron.

“Please quit the team already. Utterly sad that my tuition goes to paying for the scholarship for such a scrub ass player like you. Bum ass. Go play basketball somewhere. Please do us all a favor and never play football again.”

ESPN college football analyst and former Ohio State quarterback, Kirk Herbstreit, voiced his disgust with Michigan fans on Twitter:

He even digitally murdered a man!

Imagine being so hollow a person that you take it upon yourself to email someone on the worst day of his athletic career to tell him he sucks moments after you witnessed him balling his eyes out on the sideline. Can someone identify this douchebag so the world can run his undies up the flagpole.