Michigan’s Hunter Dickinson Gets Clowned After Pregame Outfit Comes Back To Haunt Him

Michigan basketball player Hunter Dickinson wearing a ski mask


In recent years, many NBA players have used their pregame outfits to try to send a message to the other team.

That includes the time Russell Westbrook trolled Kevin Durant by wearing an “Official Photographer” vest in the tunnel before facing off against his former teammate and the game where the Celtics donned black clothing in preparation for the Wizards’ figurative funeral in the Eastern Conference Finals in 2017.

On Tuesday night, University of Michigan center Hunter Dickinson channeled some similar energy when he arrived at the Kohl Center in Madison wearing a ski mask in the hopes of “stealing” a win on the road in the impending showdown with Wisconsin’s basketball team.

The Badgers headed into the contest as 1.5-point favorites in the Big Ten matchup, but Michigan put up a fight and headed into the locker room at halftime with a 32-31 lead.

Dickinson was a key contributor thanks to the 12 points and 12 rebounds he posted, but when everything was said and done, Wisconsin was able to thwart the heist on its home turf by walking away with the 64-59 victory.

This wasn’t the first time Dickinson had taken aim at his interconference foes, as he managed to rustle plenty of jimmies back in January when he referred to the Badgers as “scumbags” on a podcast, saying:

“I’m sorry, they’re just scumbags. Like, nothing I can say about Wisconsin is going to fire up the matchup even more, so it’s like, it already is what it is; they’re scumbags.”

As result, Wisconsin and its fans took an extra amount of pleasure in sending Michigan home with the L, and the big man saw his choice of attire come back to haunt him following the game.

You can’t really have a hero without a villain, so while Dickinson may end up regretting some of the choices he’s made over the past couple of months, I’d argue college basketball is more entertaining because of them.