Michigan State’s Unbelievable Touchdown Helped Score One Dude An Insane Amount Of Money From A 12-Game Parlay

It’s crazy what $10 can actually get you these days.

While I wasted a cool 10 bucks on a cheap pitcher of beer while visiting Washington State this weekend, one guy was making the most of his cash, dropping that exact amount on an insane 12-game parlay that happened to work out really well for him—thanks to some serious luck.

After the crazy ending to the Michigan-Michigan State game—which might be the most unbelievable thing I’ve ever seen on a football field—this bro’s dream of winning over $9,000 was still alive, with him adding the money by day’s end thanks to other picks.

According to online betting site Bovada’s official Twitter page, the winning ticket looked like this:


Betting on eight favorites (Alabama, Florida State, Iowa, LSU, Miami, Notre Dame, Oklahoma and Washington State), he then hit four upsets (taking the points on Pitt over Georgia Tech, Nebraska over Minnesota and Missouri over Georgia). Missouri may have been the only team to have lost of the 12 picks, but the Tigers didn’t lose any money for the bettor, as they easily covered the spread against UGA.

Sports gambling has been in the news a lot lately with all that shit happening with one-week fantasy games, but nothing can take away the sweet taste of a cool $9,000 victory for this bro.

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