Watch This Belgium Player Drill Himself In The Face In A Failed Attempt To Showboat Following A Goal


I’ve recently become an avid soccer fan like two weeks ago and among the most egregious parts of the game I’ve witnessed is this phenomena where after a goal, the goal-scoring team kicks the ball back into the net to really twist the knife. I can only compare it to soccer’s version of a Jose Bautista bat flip or Baker Mayfield planting a team flag at the opposing team’s midfield. Ultimate disrespect.

Us avid soccer fans witnessed it again as Belgium took a 1-0 lead over England Thursday in a game that holds no consequence whether the two teams advance (Belgium and England finished 1,2 respectively in Group G).

Regardless, in the 51st minute of the match, Belgium’s Adnan Januzaj scored one of the prettier goals of the tournament when he bent it like Beckham (soccer joke for soccer fans) past England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford. Check out what would ultimately be the game-winner below.

Here’s where the funny part occurs. After the goal, Belgium forward Michy Batshuayi delivered an extra “fuck you” when he picked up the ball and attempted to punt it back into the goal. Instead, the ball ricocheted off the post and drilled the Chelsea striker in the face.

Poetic justice.

Batshuayi should take solace in the fact that he wasn’t the only one who was concussed by a ball in the past 24 hours. Insert Chicago Cubs center fielder Albert Almora Jr.:

I feel a bit more sympathy for Almora Jr.

[h/t For The Win]