Mark Dantonio Got A Little Hot Under The Collar During A Talk Show And Hung Up

I feel like being a high profile coach is a very thankless job. If you win, people lightly applaud and essentially accept it as what you’re supposed to be doing. If you lose, people start sharpening the pitchforks and setting up the stake they’re going to light on fire once they tie you to it. You have to have some pretty thick skin. People are always going to question your judgement or make fun of your wife. Really, it should be in a contract that coaches need to be able to take these criticisms without getting too hot and bothered.

Apparently, Mark Dantonio of Michigan State didn’t have to sign any such contract, because he got real hot and bothered during an interview with Fox Sports’s Andy Furman and Mike North.

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And he hung up. The only two people you’re allowed to just hang up the phone on are telemarketers and drunk exes. Personally, I’ve only ever hung up on telemarketers, but I’ve been hung up on by exes more than a few times. Regardless, I’m really not sure what Dantonio is all butthurt about. Furman and North were just asking questions about the upcoming season. The fuck did he think they were going to talk to him about? What color his wife was going to paint their living room? How many dildos his wife used to satisfy herself while he’s just working so damn hard trying get the Spartans ready for a championship run? This isn’t a softball game, Mark, people are going to ask you questions that require some semblance of actual thought and self-reflection.