NFL Comes Down Hard On Mike Evans After Bucs-Saints Brawl And Buccaneers Fans Are Losing It

NFL Comes Down Hard On Mike Evans After Buccaneers-Saints Brawl

Getty Image / Chris Graythen

Things got heated during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers-New Orleans Saints game on Sunday. Tempers flared to the point where a brawl ensued which led to Mike Evans and Marshon Lattimore getting ejected. Tom Brady was even seen having some choice words during the scrum. Now, the NFL has dished out punishments, and Bucs fans aren’t too pleased about it.

Mike Evans Is The Only Player The NFL Suspended From Bucs-Saints Brawl

According to Tom Pelissero, Mike Evans has been given a one-game suspension for his actions on Sunday. He’s the only player who received any punishment from the NFL. It makes sense considering Marshon Lattimore was technically defending himself during the scrum. Additionally, no other Buccaneers players threw any punches or pushed anyone to the ground.

Of course, Mike Evans is going to contest the suspension, per Tom Pelissero. Although Evans was the clear aggressor, he’s hoping to appeal the NFL’s decision. So, more information will be released on that, but for now, the one-game suspension is locked in place.

Buccaneers Fans Are Heated With Mike Evans’ Suspension

Even though Evans likely deserves the one-game suspension, Buccaneers fans aren’t pleased with the news. The NFL clearly believed he was the only player deserving of punishment and Tampa Bay is letting the league know how they feel.

We’re agreeing with J-Bird on this one.

Buccaneers fans can’t fathom the idea of Marshon Lattimore not getting suspended.

Yeah. What about the tablet, Gabe? It didn’t deserve to be tossed like that.

We’ll see if Mike Evans can appeal his suspension or not. The NFL isn’t likely to change its mind. Even so, this is a brutal loss for the Buccaneers, as Tom Brady is without one of his most consistent receivers for Week 3.

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