Oklahoma State Coach And Mullet Enthusiast Mike Gundy Flips Out On Reporter Who Asked Question About His Luscious Beaver Paddle

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy may have the most prolific mullet in all of America. The front of his head screams “study your playbook” while the back yells “fuck your playbook, who’s got an ice cold Natty Lite and a wad of long cut.”

OSU is coming off a bloodbath loss to Texas and will face a formidable opponent in Kansas State on Saturday, and the last thing Mr. Gundy wants to do is lament on his choice in haircut.

This was more than evident in Gundy’s response to a satirical story that circulated about the late OSU booster T. Boone Pickens leaving a $30 gift card in his will so Gundy can chop his mullet off. Boone, an oil billionaire, died earlier this month at age 91.

During a Big 12 conference call on Monday, Mark Rosner of The Associated Press jokingly asked Gundy if there is any truth to the rumors, and Gundy got fucking pissed.

“Don’t hurt the real journalism world,” Gundy said. “It’s jackasses like you that cause problems. They shouldn’t even let you call in. You want to talk football? We’ll talk football. If you want to talk idiotic social media, you need to go do something with a college kid.”

Later in the day at his scheduled press conference, Gundy stuck to his guns about a topic he perceived to be rubbish.

When art imitates life.

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