Go Gators? Mike Pouncey Could Be in Serious Trouble Alongside Aaron Hernandez

But that up there is Mike Pouncey, wearing his “Free Hernandez” hat. It's an older photo, but we bring it up because yesterday Pouncey was served with a subpoena after the Patriots game. Now, reports are surfacing that it could relate to some very serious crimes Pouncey may have committed with Hernandez. From Deadspin: 

[According to SI:] “The extent of Pouncey's potential involvement is undetermined, but police are focusing on multiple transactions that involve him and Hernandez.” Peter King on Sunday Night Football said that it may be related to Hernandez's possible involvement in interstate gun trafficking.

Yea, that's not good. And SI's Greg Berard said on the radio today Pouncey should be expecting the worst. 

Overall, I would say this is a serious situation for Mike Pouncey. This is not a situation where they just think he might have evidence towards the charges against Aaron Hernandez.   He should be prepared that the authorities are looking at him in regards to some charges.

Free Mike Pouncey?

[H/T Deadspin