Mike Tyson Gives Sage Advice To Ronda Rousey On How To Deal With Heartbreaking Defeat

by 5 years ago

Holly Holm’s knockout of Ronda Rousey at UFC 193 was one of the most shocking upsets in the sports world. Since then, Rousey has pretty much stayed out of the limelight. Mike Tyson knows a little about the devastation of being upset in a fight and having to deal with all of that disappointment. In 1990, Iron Mike Tyson had won his first 37 fights in succession before getting knocked out in the 10th round by the little-known Buster Douglas. On Wednesday night, Tyson was on Conan to give the former UFC Bantamweight Champion some sage advice.

Conan O’Brien asked Tyson what he would tell Rousey and he referenced the Biblical story of David and Goliath.

For those of you who don’t speak Tysonese, here is his pep-talk transcribed:

She has to understand, we’re in the hurt business. I don’t care if you’re the king of the hurt business, we’re in the business where we get hurt. And um, she’s just gotta be seen, come out of the house. I see she’s been around, show your face. You’re human. She’s just unfortunate that she’s a Goliath. David is a great king, he’s done great things…He built the civilisation! But he’s more famous for beating goliath.

Conan then references Tyson’s latest defeat, at the unstable wheels of a hoverboard.

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