Mike Tyson Falling Off A Hoverboard Got The Punch-Out Treatment In Two Amazingly Hysterical Ways

Video of Mike Tyson falling off of his daughter’s hoverboard emerged yesterday and everyone in the world, including your parents and maybe even your grandparents, got a good laugh out of it.

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Today, I’m thankful to say the incident has been given the Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out treatment in OUTSTANDING fashion.

First, we have Little Mac crashing the scene with Mario in tow to ensure a fair fight is called. But it was a quick, clean knockout, something Little Mac has been yearning for ever since he first squared off with Tyson in 1987.

And then, thanks to the fun at @SPUN, we have Video Game Mike Tyson confidently strolling to the center of the ring on said hoverboard only to swiftly land directly on his ass.

These two pieces of iconic art are the ones you’ll need to cite if and when you find yourself being forced to explain why the internet is fucking amazing.

Oh, and there’s also this.

Too thoon? I hope he isn't theriously hurt…#miketyson #mike

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“Too thoon?” Don’t ever stop internetting, internet.