The Milwaukee Bucks Ruthlessly Troll Miami Heat Fans By Exposing Their Trash Talking Tweets Before Heat Got Swept In Playoffs

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  • The Milwaukee Bucks sweep the Miami Heat in the first round of the playoffs a year after losing to them
  • The Bucks social media team trolls Miami Heat fans by exposing their trash talking tweets during series
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The Milwaukee Bucks got revenge on the Miami Heat in the first round of playoffs and they let Heat fans know about it.

On Saturday afternoon, the Bucks avenged their playoff loss to the Heat last year by completing the sweep and winning the series 4-0 this time around.

After the Bucks big win, the team’s social media managers collected all the trash talking tweets from Heat fans during the series and put them on blast in a ruthless video.

NBA fans loved the savagery of the Bucks’ tweet exposing Heat fans.