The Minnesota Timberwolves Take Hilarious Swipe At Bandwagon Lakers Fans After Win

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It seems that Macho Man Randy Savage is operating the Minnesota Timberwolves. Either that or their social media manager ripped the Scorched Earth chapter out of Jimmy Butler’s book before he made a mockery of the franchise by holding it hostage just a few moons ago.

The T-Wolves are a meh 19-21 and currently sit 11th in the Western Conference. Minnesota captured its biggest win of the season on Sunday when they secured a 22-point win against the Los Angeles Lakers at home. Just an itty bitty detail: LeBron James and Rajon Rondo were both out with injuries. It can not be known if the best player on the planet would have allowed a similar fate, but I’m guessing LeBron would have more than made up for the 22-point swing.

Don’t matter. A W’s a W, and the Minnesota Timberwolves are prepared to party like that one time in 2004 when they advanced to the Western Conference Finals with KG (but got bounced by….the Lakers!)

Cue the T-Wolves Official Keyboard Warrior!

BOOM ROASTED. Apply cold water to that burn.

Shall we remind the T-Wolves that they’ve made the playoffs just once in the last 14 years and got bounced in the first round? Nah, lets let them have this.

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