This Bonehead Minnesota United Soccer Goalie Should Probably Just Retire After This Mind-Boggling Blunder

by 3 years ago

There are very few plays in soccer I find post-worthy. My soccer friends call me a “scoring glutton” American who just doesn’t understand the beauty of soccer. Point taken, but I cringe  every time I see a professional soccer player lay down and fake it more than my ex-girlriend. I can’t help but believe that the field is 200% too large for the game being played, which may be why they score a goal once every leap year. I know I’m the minority in this belief. I’m the asshole.

But this Minnesota United FC goalie may have just converted me. What a goddamn bonehead. Had to have money on the game, right? Had to. Love soccer. Love soccer so much.

Wait, nevermind, still hate soccer.


[h/t Deadspin]

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