A Group Of Local Summer Camps Attended A Minor League Baseball Game Where They Were Treated To A Bench Clearing Brawl

It’s been a big summer for fights between minor league baseball teams. I’m not sure if there’s something in the Gatorade or what, but it seems as if these dudes got something to prove now. Maybe they’re trying to show that baseball players aren’t weaklings. Maybe we’re witnessing a dawn of a new age where baseball players are always spoiling for a fight? I don’t have any of these answers, I can only raise the questions.

That being said, this Florida fight has been making rounds because it happened on camp day. So the place was full of kids there on a field trip (you can watch the version with audio over at Busted Coverage). Personally, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. These kids watch enough TV to already know plenty about violence and that jazz that there’s no reason to worry about a couple of minor league baseball players swinging at each other ‘poisoning their minds’. You can hear them cheering. They’re into it. I’m sure half these kids watch Game of Thrones or, at the very least, UFC. They know the difference between a dust-up and full out murder. I almost wish I’d been there. It’s like an actual old school gladiator battle, arena of screaming crowd and all. Plus, kids needs to be taught to think with their fists every once in a while. You can’t use your words when your mouth is full of dirty gym socks and you’re being stuffed into a locker. You gotta let the knuckle sandwich do the talking for you.