Minor League Bat Boy Dances On Top Of Dugout, Was Totally Not A Plant To Get People Talking About Minor League Baseball

Do people go to minor league baseball games to actual watch baseball? Or do they mostly go for the beer specials/insane food menu items? Maybe the gimmicks? I don’t know. I do know that most people aren’t showing up for the box scores. Hence why the minors needs these attractions to get asses in the seats. Like this batboy who just “spontaneously” launched into a well-choreographed dance routine

Get this kid an agent. He’s obviously undiscovered talent and not someone that the stadium paid to do this.

Holy shit, two  videos in one minor league game? Bring out the dancing lobsters, we’re breaking some records here.

Three in one? Unheard of. We’re witnessing history here. And now everyone’s talking about it. And if they’re not, they will be soon. Write that one down, bros. Minor league baseball is the future. We’re just ahead of the curve.

[h/t Busted Coverage]