Knicks Starter Is Just Begging To Be Traded After Latest Social Media Activity

A New York Knicks logo on a pair of basketball shorts.

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New York Knicks starting center Mitchell Robinson is just begging to be traded. The big man was seen liking messages from fans on Twitter referencing a potential trade.

It’s nothing new from Robinson, who’s already expressed his displeasure with his role on the team. Now, he’s making it clear that he’d be happier in a new location.

The Knicks are in the midst of a playoff season, currently sitting at fifth in the Eastern Conference standings. At 42-32, they’ve already recorded more wins in 2022-23 than they had in any campaign over the previous decade.

In 2012-13, New York posted a 54-28 output which landed a spot in the postseason. Since, they’ve watched the playoffs from home in eight of the last nine years.

That will change this season as the Knicks have used the talents of their own “Big 3” in Julius Randle, Jalen Brunson, and RJ Barrett. Each of those players is averaging 19.9 points a game or more.

Unfortunately, their offensive success is taking away from Mitchell Robinson’s production, at least in his eyes. Earlier this month, the center was seen posting messages of frustration on his Instagram account.

Robinson says that he’s tired of being on the court “for cardio” and that he actually wants to “play basketball.” He closed by writing, “really just wasting my time and energy… disappearing for a while.”

Now, he’s being a bit more direct.

This week, Robinson was seen liking a post from a fan about what his offensive role would look like on a competitor.

I guarantee if you went to Dallas or San Antonio those coaches would make sure you as the 7 foot center would get the ball and if the players didn’t give you the ball they be sitting on the bench.

It appears that Mitchell Robinson has since unliked the tweet, which came as a direct reply to one of the big man’s posts, but with the internet, nothing really disappears.

Basketball accounts saw the social media activity and quickly screenshot it.

Robinson is averaging 7.4 points and 9.0 rebounds a night for New York, but he obviously feels he can do better elsewhere. Fans were quick to comment on the Twitter activity.

One person wrote, “Someone gotta tell him he ain’t as nice as he thinks he is.” Someone else asked, “Does Mitchell Robinson realize that he’s Mitchell Robinson?”

Some believe New York should go ahead and make the move if he’s truly unhappy in the Big Apple. This fan bluntly stated, “Knicks should trade him.”

It seems the two sides could be coming to an inevitable split. Mitchell Robinson will be out of the lineup for the Knicks upcoming game due to a knee injury. We’ll see if he’s able to maximize his talents when he returns.