MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred Finally Makes Decision On Pete Rose’s Hall Of Fame Chances

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At first glance, without even knowing exactly what he is trying to be (other than a balding insane clown murderer), he kind of looks like Pete Rose, the zombie clown version to me. No offense to Pete, of course, but when I look at that I'm seeing two things 1) Pete Rose and 2) a clown painting some asshole family member gave me when I was a kid that, to this day, scares the ever-loving shit out of me. 

With MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred just finishing up his first season at the helm of the big leagues, there was some belief from all-time hits king Pete Rose that he just might possibly, maybe, hopefully get a chance to be reinstated from his betting misfortunes that left him blackballed from baseball in 1989, preventing him any chance of a Hall of Fame induction.

Unfortunately for Rose, Manfred finally made a decision on Rose’s candidacy and, holy shit, the commish came down hard.

Per SportsCenter, here’s what Manfred said in a statement:







I mean, damn, it almost seems as if Manfred knew before meeting with Rose in September that he wasn’t even going to give Charlie Hustle the slightest chance of entering Cooperstown, basically ripping the guy a new one with his official reasoning above.

Rose, who’s 74 years old and has said before that getting into the Hall posthumously doesn’t really mean anything to him—should that ever happen—was a long shot to make it to Cooperstown no matter how hopeful he was with meeting with a new regime, but he had to be a little shocked with how overwhelming the decision was by Manfred.

Pete Rose made a mistake that, had he played his cards right afterwards, may have found himself reinstated and with a chance to be inducted into the Hall. Often playing the arrogance role and appearing unapologetic with what he did, he often plays the whole, “Well, I’m the best hitter in MLB history, how CAN’T they let me in?” card—which has hurt his chances at ever getting into the hallowed halls.

Here’s a life lesson, bro athletes: Don’t bet on your sport. Ever.

[H/T CBS Sports]

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