MLB Fans Are Buzzing After Milwaukee Brewers Drop Brilliant City Connect Uniforms

MLB Fans Are Buzzing After Brewers Drop New City Connect Uniforms

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  • The City Connect jerseys are bringing about a big change across the MLB.
  • The Milwaukee Brewers released their new threads on Friday morning.
  • MLB fans and Brewers fans are pretty stoked with these new uniforms.

The MLB is doing its best to cater to the younger generation by releasing new City Connect jerseys for each team. Not long ago, the Colorado Rockies sported a new design that perfectly embodies the state of Colorado.

Well, now the Milwaukee Brewers are taking a stab at new uniforms that are meant to symbolize their ballclub and their state and city.

Here are the Brewers’ new City Connect uniforms that dropped Friday morning.

That’s right, The Brew Crew is here, and the team store is ready for business to get booming.

The Brewers’ New City Connect Uniforms Are A Smashing Hit

Obviously, these jerseys are a massive success for the Brewers and their fans. Milwaukee’s team has always been known as The Brew Crew, and they feature the mascot, Bernie Brewer, riding a slide after a home run and racing sausages during the game.

After the new uniforms dropped, most fans were thrilled with them — and we just might be seeing a ton of Brew Crew jerseys around Milwaukee pretty soon.

One of the best features is the grill patch on the sleeve, although the MKE on the hat looks a tad bit off.

Nonetheless, the Brewers might have just gone to the top of the City Connect jersey rankings after dropping these, and we can’t wait to see them in action in Milwaukee.