MLB Is Throwing A Two-Day Food Festival In NYC With Every Team Bringing A Signature Food

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Major League Baseball has gotten pretty good over the past few years at touting their crazy food concoctions. It seems like every MLB season kicks off with teams holding a local media day to announce the crazy dish that’ll be sold in the stadium that season (like the crispy fried grasshoppers in Seattle).

All 30 MLB teams are taking it to the next level this season and hosting a two-day food festival in NYC’s Bryant Park on April 21st and 22nd. Each team will be represented with one dish:

I’m actually a little disappointed in Cincinnati for rolling out the ‘Fry Box’ for this event. I look forward to that stadium because (1) it’s gorgeous but (2) the Goetta hot dogs. If you’re not familiar with Goetta, it’s a sausage you can really only find in the greater Cincinnati area and Germany. It’s made from pork shoulder and steel cut oats, and it’s the best breakfast sausage on the planet. I got hooked on this stuff as a kid thanks to a relative from Cincy and I can’t find it down here in Florida. I can order it online but I usually only do this around Christmas so I can cook it in bulk for Christmas brunch….It would’ve been cool to see Cincinnati roll out something more unique than a basket of fries.

You can actually purchase tickets to this event if you’re interested in going. This is a great way to sample the foods at ballparks you haven’t made it to yet, or ones you might not make it to this season.

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