MLB Is Getting Roasted Over The ‘Special’ Monochromatic Uniforms They Unveiled For Players’ Weekend

Do not adjust your television set on August 23 through 25 this year if you are watching a Major League Baseball game on the annual, usually very fun, Players’ Weekend.

Normally, the special uniforms and caps worn during MLB’s Players’ Weekend games are about 900 times cooler than what the players wear every other game during the season.

Case in point, from 2018…

The players also get to choose a nickname to put on the backs of these special jerseys, which they will be doing again this season. They will also be allowed to use custom designs for pieces of equipment like spikes, batting gloves, bats, and catcher’s gear.

Those are some pretty dope jerseys, right? Yeah, well, forget all that. Those black and white unis you see up top there are what the players will be wearing this season. Batters during the games will wear a matte-black or matte-white helmet with no team logo so it doesn’t matter which game you tune into, they will all look exactly the same.

“During Players’ Weekend, photo shoots will be conducted with players at ballparks to highlight the standout designs, which will be amplified over social media between MLB, the MLBPA, Clubs and most of all, individual player accounts using #PlayersWeekend,” MLB said in a statement.

Reactions by fans to this change in Players’ Weekend uniforms have not been great. Of the top 50 comments on MLB’s tweet as of this writing, 46 were negative, three were neutral, and one was positive.

He has a point.

That all being said, if you happen to be one of the people who actually do like these uniforms and caps (I know you’re out there), knock yourself out and shop them all here.

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