MLB Unveils Off-White Collab, Jerseys And Hats With Holes In Them: Baseball Fans React

MLB Unveils Off-White Collab, Jerseys And Hats With Holes In Them

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  • The MLB is teaming up with New Era and Off-White.
  • Six teams around the league will feature gear from the collab.
  • If you like shirts and hats with holes in them, you’re in luck.

The MLB has put together a collaboration with Off-White and New Era for some very unique, and expensive, gear.

The price tags of the items is even more shocking seeing as how the apparel features Off-White’s signature “meteor holes.”

“Meteor holes” are just regular holes, for anyone wondering.

Joon Lee of ESPN shared photos of the new-look gear, and as you can see, there are holes taken out of the jerseys and hats. It’s a safe bet there are holes in the hoodies and t-shirts teams are offering as well.

Hats will reportedly cost $260 a piece, t-shirts will go for $355, hoodies $630, and a jersey can be yours for just $1,030.

Not every team around MLB will have Off-White x New Era gear. The Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs, Toronto Blue Jays, Oakland Athletics, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Miami Marlins are the lucky six ball clubs that will be offering the apparel.

If you’ve got a baseball hat or jersey laying around, just go ahead and cut a hole in it, because that’s fashion.

Baseball Fans React To Off-White Collab Gear