The New MLB Pitch Clock Has Produced Some Hilarious Moments

MLB pitch clock

Getty Image / John McDonnell

Major League Baseball announced new rule changes last year in September, and they were changes that could really impact how the game is played in MLB.

The rule changes included things like bigger bases, banning the shift, and a pitch clock.

Opinions were mixed on the rule changes, with some hoping it would make games shorter and less exciting. Others thought that it would deviate too far from the baseball that many have adored for a century.

But, data shows that the game is not like it was in terms of actions. Games are much longer now than they have ever been.

A lot of that is due to more commercials than ever before as well as more pitching changes. But, MLB already cracked down on pitching changes by instituting a three-batter rule, and the pitch clock has shown to be effective in reducing game times.

It has produced some funny moments already, though.

A spring training game ended in a tie due to a batter not getting in the box quickly enough.

And, James Karinchak got hit with a ball when he wanted a new baseball.

There are going to be some growing pains, but ultimately I think people will like the results of these new MLB rules. Shorter games with more action without really changing the fundamentals of how the game is played is a win for everyone.

Garrett Carr
Garrett Carr is a recent graduate of Penn State University. He lives and dies Penn State football, wrestling, and the New York Mets.