MLB Umpire Hit Right In The Jewels By Wild Pitch, Fans React

MLB baseball

Getty Image / Scott Taetsch

The San Diego Padres took on the Cincinnati Reds in what turned out to be a blowout after San Deigo won 8-3.

However, plenty of MLB fans were busy talking about the umpire behind home plate on Monday night.

In the top of the sixth, Blake Snell of the Padres threw a pitch that bounced off the dirt. The catcher, Brett Sullivan, couldn’t get to it and it went right between his legs.

Suddenly, the ball found its way right to the umpire’s groin, hitting him square in the jewels. The Action Network shared the clip of the painful hit to the MLB umpire.

Hey, accidents happen. But that’s not something you see every day.

You know it was a good shot too after the ump took a knee and slumped over. Eventually, he was able to recover and get back behind home plate.

However, that ump might be covering his jewels more often after taking that shot.

As you can imagine MLB fans had plenty to say after watching the umpire get hit right in the family jewels.

Of course, some MLB fans took the opportunity to roast the umpires.

Some solid advice.

I’m not sure he was able to. The angle looked completely off.

After taking a shot like that, maybe this guy will start advocating for robot umpires.

Either way, we’re just glad the guy is okay. Getting hit in the groin is never great. Even if MLB fans are upset with the umpires right now.