MLB World Reacts To Clayton Kershaw Being Yanked In The Middle Of A Perfect Game

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  • Clayton Kershaw threw 7 perfect innings of baseball for the Dodgers on Wednesday
  • He was pulled by manager Dave Roberts due to pitch count
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Clayton Kershaw put on an absolute show against the Minnesota Twins.

The left-handed veteran threw seven scoreless innings, striking out 13 batters, and not allowing a single baserunner. Entering the eighth, Kershaw had a perfect game intact.

He was absolutely dealing.

That’s when Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts made the most head-scratching decision of this short season.

He yanked Kershaw from the game despite the pitcher having an opportunity to go down in Major League Baseball history. Roberts blamed it on the pitch count, which was at just 80 pitches at the time of Kershaw’s removal.

Making things worse, Los Angeles had just scored three runs in the top of the frame to give the Dodgers a more than comfortable 6-0 lead.

Kershaw’s replacement, Alex Vesia, gave up a walk and a single with two outs in the eighth inning to blow both the perfect game and the no hitter.

As one could expect, social media reaction was irate about what they’d just witnessed.

MLB World Reacts To Head-Scratching Decision To Pull Clayton Kershaw From His Perfect Game

Fans and media are stunned by the decision to remove Kershaw from the game. There have been only 23 perfect games in Major League Baseball history. The lefty had a chance to join one of baseball’s most prized clubs. Instead, the game will go down as just another victory under Kershaw’s belt.

Folks took to Twitter to let their thoughts be known. They were… not happy.

Unbelievable move on Dave Roberts’s part.