MMA Fight Called Off Due To ‘Excessive Blood’ Is Being Dubbed ‘One Of The Bloodiest Fights In MMA History’ And The Photos Are Gnarly

Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

If you need any more proof that MMA fighters are certifiably insane, look no further than the match between Nicolas Dalby and Ross Houston during Cage Warriors 106 on Saturday in London.

With the Cage Warriors welterweight championship on the line, the ref was forced to stop the fight during the third round due to excessive blood pouring from the orifices of both fighters. Houston opened a gnarly cut on Dalby’s forehand in the first round before Dalby returned the favor by breaking Houston’s nose. The match was ruled a no contest, as referee Marc Goddard deemed the surface “unsafe” after both fighters began slipping on each other’s blood.

After the match, Houston described the moment Dalby dislodged his nose:

“That was a peach of a shot, it was like as soon as it landed it was like someone had switched a tap on in my nose, I could feel it gushing.”

A rematch between the fighters is highly likely after the result allowed Houston kept his Cage Warriors welterweight world championship and Dalby holding onto his interim belt.

Houston added after the match:

“I feel bad, because I know the momentum was swinging in Nicolas’ favour towards the end.

“Obviously I’m not happy that it ended, but it’s a five-round fight, and I showed in my last fight that I’m strong for the five rounds and I can come back from adversity and the pressure I was under then.

“It’s not the best ending, but we worked hard. I talked a lot before the fight, it’s just my style, I was going in to fight Nicolas Dalby who I’ve watched for years. I don’t want to get too nice with someone I’m about to fight, but I’ll definitely go and have a few beers with him.”

Imagine saying you want to get a beer with a dude who nearly punched the nose off your face.

This sport is wild, man.