Face-Tatted MMA Fighter Choked Out His Fiancee Because She Brought Him The Wrong Noodles For Dinner

A 28-year-old MMA fighter pleaded guilty to assaulting his former fiancee at their apartment after she brought him the wrong noodles for dinner.

Julian Wallace, a 5’8”, 135 lb Australia native allegedly kicked his former fiancee, MMA fighter Jessy Jess, in the head before putting her in a chokehold for her small mistake.

Jessy told Daily Mail Australia that she had been running 15 minutes late on her way home from work before she stopped to pick up noodles for her fiance. But, when she arrived home at the apartment, Wallace blew a gasket at her having the wrong food and accused her of being unfaithful before attacking her for 20 minutes, kicking her in the head with Timberland boots and choking her out. He then tried to tear off her engagement ring, while threatening to break her fingers.

She told Daily Mail Australia,

‘He got me in a muay thai headlock in the kitchen and was elbowing me in the face.

He was holding my head in one hand and hitting me with the other.

I was terrified, I really was, I’ve never been knocked out and I’ve never passed out before.

I remember seeing stars and getting dropped onto the bed.

When he was choking me I could feel myself losing consciousness.

I kept tapping him on the arm because I could feel that I was going to lose consciousness; he pulled tighter and I thought that would be the end.’

Jessy then squirmed her way out of the chokehold and kicked Julian, knocking him out. She then called the police.

Wallace pleaded guilty to one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and one count of intentionally choking with recklessness. He will be sentenced in December.

Let it be known that this prick got his ass KO-ed in 20 seconds after taunting his opponent at the weigh in. Karma’s a bitch, bruh.

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