MMA Fighter Was So Disoriented After Vicious Knockout That He Put The REFEREE In A Chokehold

by 2 years ago

Ryse Brink made quick work of Joseph Nehm inside the cage at the MMA event KnockOut Promotions KOP 54 in Grand Rapids, MI, ending the fight in 12 seconds after a swift kick to the head and a barrage of heavy, pointed punches. Nehm was so disoriented after the ambush that he unknowingly thought the referee was his opponent. As Brink climbed atop the cage to rile up the crowd, Nehm was putting the innocent referee in a chokehold, before his own team rushed onto the mat to tear him away. I’m no doctor, but I’d be willing to surmise that Joseph Nehm is suffering from concussion symptoms as I write this. Stay out the light, bud.

[h/t Stars and Strikes MMA]