MMA Fighter’s Impressive Backflip Off Top Of Cage Wipes Out Camerawoman At Bellator 143

Bantamweight fighter Darrion Caldwell was offering a special offer at Bellator 143 on Friday night, buy one knockout, get the second free.

After destroying Shawn Brunch only 2:35 into the first round with a rear naked choke, he then proceeded to take out the other person in the ring, the cameraperson. He climbed to the top of the cage and performed an impressive backflip to celebrate his victory. He also smashed the camerawoman by colliding with her hard. I don’t think that’s the shot she was looking for. I love how the announcer laughs his ass off that his coworker just had an MMA fighter land on her head. They probably don’t have a good working relationship.

Afterwards, Caldwell apologized even though it wasn’t his fault. I mean he does a no-look backflip and this nosy camerawoman severely underestimates Caldwell’s athleticism and takes several steps closer to the MMA fighter. The camerawoman should be apologizing to Caldwell, she could have severely injured him with the camera.