You Have Never Seen A Cheek More Swollen That MMA Fighter Peggy Morgan’s After A First-Round TKO

by 3 years ago

Peggy Morgan, a pro MMA fighter and cast member on The Ultimate Fighter, lost her Invicta FC 18 featherweight bout to Megan Anderson on Friday after a series of first-round punches swelled up her cheek to a cartoonish degree.

Yo Peggy, joke’s over. Spit out the bowling ball.

peggy morgan 2

Peggy took to Twitter after the match and was able to conjure up a sense of humor even after the left side of her face looked like it got stung by an entire hornets nest.

Just ice it every 30 minutes for the rest of your life and you should be good to go, Peg.

And on the bright side, it could always be worse…

[h/t Bleacher Report]

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